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کٲشرِ ویٖکیٖپیٖڈیا چوکِ پؠٹھ خٲر مَقدَم ۔

کَتھ بات

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Help desk

Ask questions about how to use or edit Wikipedia

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چائے جائے
اکھ مِلَن سار جاے ییٚتِؠتھ تُہۍ ہیکو پَنٕنۍ سَوال پرٕژِھت
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Reference desk

Work with other editors on a shared area of interest

لَڑأے حَل کَرُن

Get help resolving disputes

اؠسَمبَلی شعبہٕ ( سٲری شعبہٕ وُچھو )

حِکمَتہِ عَملی

Discuss existing and proposed policies


Discuss technical issues about Wikipedia

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Discuss new proposals that are not policy-related

راے جائے

Incubate new ideas before formally proposing them

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ویکی میڈی

Discuss issues involving the Wikimedia Foundation


Post messages that do not fit into any other category

نٕو عَوامی پٲغام

Wikimania 2021: Individual Program Submissions[اؠڈِٹ]

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Dear all,

Wikimania 2021 will be hosted virtually for the first time in the event's 15-year history. Since there is no in-person host, the event is being organized by a diverse group of Wikimedia volunteers that form the Core Organizing Team (COT) for Wikimania 2021.

Event Program - Individuals or a group of individuals can submit their session proposals to be a part of the program. There will be translation support for sessions provided in a number of languages. See more information here.

Below are some links to guide you through;

Please note that the deadline for submission is 18th June 2021.

Announcements- To keep up to date with the developments around Wikimania, the COT sends out weekly updates. You can view them in the Announcement section here.

Office Hour - If you are left with questions, the COT will be hosting some office hours (in multiple languages), in multiple time-zones, to answer any programming questions that you might have. Details can be found here.

Best regards,

MediaWiki message delivery (talk) ٠٤:١٨, ١٦ جوٗن ٢٠٢١ (UTC)

On behalf of Wikimania 2021 Core Organizing Team

Editing news 2021 #2[اؠڈِٹ]

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Server switch[اؠڈِٹ]

SGrabarczuk (WMF) ٠١:١٩, ٢٧ جوٗن ٢٠٢١ (UTC)